Ground 2 Construction


Ground2Construction are an established firm providing the best quality driveways ground work services to homes around the Essex area.

We pride ourselves on the quality of workmanship we achieve together with the punctuality and reliability that our clients expect.

We use only the highest standard of materials available for your driveway, path or patio which are manufactured by “Brett”. Their product ranges vary to suit any look to be in keeping with your style of property and are also available in a wide variety of colours and sizes.

All aspects of paving and garden makeovers are covered by our firm including driveways, decking, patios, water features and ponds, fencing and gates and any type of tree work.

Reassurance and peace of mind is very important when choosing a company to carry out a project of this nature. Everything is guaranteed. We are so confident that the materials used will be first rate and the workmanship first class. We offer high quality products installed by our own highly experienced skilled work force.

Block Paving
Choosing a surface for your garden can be difficult, especially when you need something hard-wearing. When it comes to durability, block paving can meet your needs, while still maintaining an eye-pleasing appearance that won’t ruin the look of your property.
Available in a variety of patterns, block paving is perfect for your driveways, patios, pathways. Block Paving also allows for easy maintenance of the underlying area; the individual blocks can be pulled up and reset without leaving any indication that they were removed.


Loft Conversions

If you are considering expanding your home, and you have a loft, you should consider a Loft Conversion.
Whether you need another bedroom, your want to build a home office, or you just want to add value to your home, a Loft Conversion could well be your answer. By restructuring the mostly unused space at the top of your house, we can give you the extra living space you need or desire.
Loft Conversions can be dangerous, however. and should only be done by professionals, like Ground 2 Construction, to ensure both the structural integrity of your home, and to ensure that your conversion meets all necessary building regulations and codes.



It can often be a daunting task, deciding what to do with your garden. Mixing functionality with a pleasing appearance is no small task. You want a garden that looks good, but you want to be able to use it, as well.
A patio could be your answer.
A functional space that is perfect for outdoor furniture, or a barbecue, patios can merge the space you use with the space you look at.
Available in a range of styles and materials, we can build a patio to suit you.



It’s an unfortunate fact that things degrade. No matter how well you maintain your property, things break, and need replacing. This tends not to be a problem for a fence post, or a window, but, eventually, it’s the walls and floorboards, and it’s no small task.
Renovations needn’t just be for keeping your home in good shape, however. Don’t like your staircase where it is? Do you have two rooms that you’d like made into one. Or one room that you’d like made into two?
Our renovations can breath new life back into your home, and make it feel like new all over again, while ensuring that they are structurally sound.

Contact Ground 2 Construction today to talk about Block Paving, Loft Conversions, Patios, Renovations, or any related projects.